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Lions, Giraffes and Elephants OH MY!!!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I have been in Tanzania less that two weeks and I have already seen so much of the country. I was blessed to be given one day of from teaching to go on a THREE day safari with two other Diocese of the Rift Valley volunteers, Julia and Laura. We had two excellent guides, the Bishop’s son, Njamsi, and one of his former classmates Noel (pronounced Noel-ee). We were also driven by the Bishop’s driver, Gershom.

Thank you to St. John’s Place for allowing me to take my first Friday off to go explore Tanzania‘s beauty!!’

We drove from Mayoni on Friday morning. It was a 5am start, but so worth it. We arrived at Tarangire National Park around noon. Noel drove us around the park for hours and we saw many animals. Then we drove to KaratI near Ngorongoro Conservation Area. On the way we stopped to eat. We got up on Saturday morning and spent all day which was about 7 hours ain Ngorongoro. There were so many animals. We also saw the Maasai villages that have been established there since they had to leave Serengeti when it became a national park. We drove to one of the entrances of Serengeti but we didn’t go in. Today being Sunday we went into Ngorongoro Crater and saw even more animals. By the end of this adventure we have seen four of the Africa Big 5, elephant, lion, rhino, and water buffalo. The only one we didn’t see was leopard but they are so hard to find and see. I have to say that I am so excited that I got to see real life versions of the cast of my favorite movie The Lion King (minus Tímon).

God is so good. He has created such a beautiful earth. I pray that we remember we are to be good stewards of His creation and care for it.

Here are some picture highlights from this excursion.

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