• Emily Darling

Photo Compilation of My Time in Tanzania

This is the video that I have compiled of my favorite pictures from Tanzania. Most of them were taken by my pupils when we had breaks in the day or they had finished their work and were waiting for the next lesson block to start. I deeply miss my pupils as I know so many teachers are missing their students. It is long, just over 10 mins, because I had 1,500 photos to choose from in the seven plus weeks of being at St. John’s as well as some of the photos from my last days in the US.

I have been home as long as I was in country now. It already feels like a lifetime ago. I miss it dearly and sometimes it does make me sad to think about being there because I miss Tanzania so much. I was so happy and content there and being with the wonderful people that I met and taught with and of course my pupils.

I know God has a plan in all of this. His plan is always the best plan even if it is not my plan. I pray that you find blessings in this uncomfortable time.

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